Team ENOUGH joined with other gun violence prevention organizations in San Diego to issued this statement in response to the tragedy at Chabad in Poway April 27, 2019:

Our hearts are heavy as we struggle to come to grips with how such a heinous crime is possible in our neighborhoods. We want to most compassionately express our love and support for the Jewish community, this peaceful congregation, and the larger community in shock that such violent act of anti-Semitism is possible.  As others have said, there is something fundamentally broken in our culture when any person in any house of worship has to fear hate, and the threat of gun violence.  This is unacceptable.  We know that Saturday’s cowardly act of hatred is not representative of the ocean of support the community has for the Chabad of Poway. The threat posed by ignorance and hatred is nonetheless real and threatens all faiths.  If one person in this country is unsafe in their place of prayer, so are we all. We wholeheartedly agree with what Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein, himself injured in this attack, said after the attacks in Christchurch, New Zealand: “Every human being is created in the image of God. Human life is precious.” 

We categorically reject anti-Semitism, just as we reject hate directed at any member of our community.

We do not accept religious persecution, blind hate, or the ability of those led by hate to wield weapons of war in our temples, churches, mosques, or any house of worship. This must end.  

As Ronald Lauder, the president of the World Jewish Congress said, “People of all faiths must stand together and declare that we will never tolerate such hatred.” This is not who we are, as a nation or as a city.  Our desire is to be of assistance to those impacted by this tragedy and We seek a way to assist in the healing of this particular community who is in the greatest of pain.

In solidarity,

An alliance of gun violence prevention, as well as national security organizations of San Diego, such as The Truman National Security Project, San Diegans For The Prevention of Gun Violence, Team ENOUGH San Diego, Brady United, andMarch for Our Lives San Diego

We are committed to change.

Team ENOUGH San Diego began 2019 with an act of service to honor those affected by the Parkland shooting one year before. The student-led conversation about gun violence prevention pulled together leaders in law enforcement, the military, gun violence survivors, politics and advocates to discuss this important topic. They then met with other Team ENOUGH students from across the country to determine more ways to address this critical issue. Check out the recaps below.


Overview of the town hall - February 2019

Recap of the Team Enough Summit in San Diego, CA

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